Concept Relations

This visualization gives an insight on the relationship between different concepts mentioned in the debate. It can be thought of as a mind map of what the speakers brought onto the conversation floor. Using the Named-Entity Relationship Exploration tool, we can reconstruct all concepts mentioned in the debate and explore their relation to get a more wholistic picture of the content. In addition, we can also focus on specific aspects that appear interesting for further analysis. For example, the figure on the left-hand side shows all entity relation mentioned with regard to the subject of taxes. Each speaker is connected to the entities s/he contributed. We can clearly spot the emphasize of Clinton towards the release of the tax returns of Donald Trump. The figure below shows the complete debate, we can identify sub-structures within the network that indicate the most important aspects of the debate as "creating jobs", "taxes", "African-American communities", "the fight against ISIS", in addition to some moderational issues.

Named-Entity Relationship Exploration

The named-entities are categorized in ten different categories, as shown in the right-hand figure. Using these entities we extract entity pairs that occur within a close proximity in the text, as shown below. Frequent entity pairs are used to generate graph structures which are visualized using a force-directed layout. This interactive visualization can be used to explore the complete debate in order to get an overview, as well as selected concepts.

In the graph below we focused on the subject of "war on terror". Hereby, we anchored the location nodes to their approximate longitude and latitude on the canvas. This graph reveals the association of certain entities with some counties or speakers. For example, we can see Russia surrounded by negative entities about the bombings in Syria. We can see Europe as an allay and the 28 member countries of the Nato that forms an alliance. In addition, we can also notice the accusation of Trump supporting the war against Iraq and being against Muslims. On the other hand, Clinton is often associated with President Obama and John Kerry.